Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

new folks

I have a new link posted under pa pride. It is a new group of folks/fellow racer types starting an organization in the north east region of Pennsylvania to build and maintain trails, put together rides, and just bring like minded individuals together for what we love. Cycling! Give them some hits and check out what they are all about and maybe hook up and ride some new terrain. The mountain and road riding in the northeast region of PA is epic and well worth checking out. Also, for some good reads on the world of simple cycling, check out the two wheeled locust. He has some new posts on the bennies of single gear mountain cycling. Enjoy the snow!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


It feels weird to ride a bike that actually shifts and has gears. Most of my riding in the past year has been strictly one speeders, mountain and cross. An occasional road bike ride on a well broken in machine. Today I got to try the new ride on for size. I have been dialing it in for a few days and today I was going to take a nice cruise. It takes to the road like a seasoned prostitute, she knows what she's doing. I felt good, except for that Stegmeire Winter Warmer I got for a buck last night, the bike felt good, and the weather was a sweet winter day. On my return trip I rolled over to the Mauch Chunk Lake for some ice fishing 101 with my roommate and his dad, and talked to some old timer about cool stuff you see when nobody else is around. It's great to see folks enjoying all kinds of different activities during the winter months. Headway is being made on the super secret team/club kits. DIY stylee were evil has no boundaries!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So I paid off my gas guzzler a few back and was wondering about upgrades for my road bike. I have been rolling on the same setup for a while and things were wearing out. Road components are pricey, espescially for someone like me who isn't into the high zoot road machines, but none the less upgrades were in order for my beat componentry. Adding stuff up, I was pushing the idea of buying a new bike. Should I. Talking to my roommate, Scott, who got a brand new carbon Trek at the beginning of the summer, he said it would be worth it to get a sweet ride. I have been rolling on a half new at the time/half used at the time build that I put together with whatever I could get that was the cheapest and lightest for the cash. New bike, hell yeah. I did some researching products, talked to some folks, emailed some bros, and like bikes built buy americans. Also, getting something below retail is also in mind, I made my decision. I went with a Cannondale Synapse. In true fashion for the month of love. I have only rolled around town on it a few times so far, but hopefully tomorrow will be my first somewhat extended ride on her, and yes this is my only geared bike.