Tuesday, May 20, 2008

long live long rides

with friday came the rain. with saturday came a crisp cold morning. thick with dew and the sun trying to show its face on what was to be one hell of a trail ride. the scene was relaxed with everyone trying to anticipate what was to come. i had an idea, but really had no idea of what was instore as the ride unfolded. all i knew was that i didn't want to walk out of the woods like a few weeks back, so i figured on sticking with what i know best. pushin' one for fun! the rocktober challenge, in r.b. winter state park, was just what it intended to be, a total challenge! the field was small, which was a shame for such a well organized, backcountry race. my ride plan was to find the sweet spot and stay there all day. all was well until, shizzam!, a huge rock flew up and railed my sprocket pocket and bent it so bad that pedaling was no longer an option. checking out the scenario, it just took a little elbow grease and about 10 minutes until she was spinning smooth again. back on the trail, and i might add rocky as hell, but i like rocks. it's half of rock n' roll!

exiting out of the woods to a dirt road, i had a chance to pull back some of the folks that squeeked by during my wrangling with rocks and sprocket pocket. all of a sudden i picked up a frequency of the worst song ever to have rolling through my head at this point in the race, bon jovi "living on a prayer." all i kept thinking was the line "were halfway there, livin' on a prayer." only the race was no way halfway over! the only way to get a bad song out of your head is to pass it on. thankfully i saw a rider in the distance and much to their dismay, will have bon jovi in their head once i pass by. gotcha!

the rest of the race went by with no issues except some immense efforts on some badass trail. the second loop was surely a hard 35 miles. it had me thinking about some times i used to spend with a few of my friends years ago before i had a career. middle of the week, 10+ hour, onespeeder rides. no cares except for seizing the day! after the second loop, i needed much food and liquids to head out on the third and final loop. the last portion of the ride had some singletrack that was some of the best i have hit in a while. i believe the one trail was white deer trail. if my smile was any wider on that trail i might have eaten some branches! after all was said and done, the race turned out to be about 70 miles. it was truly epic and props go out to kuhn for hosting a great event. it was definitely appreciated! also, props go out to the ranger and old timer that were waiting at the finish for elk and i to clean out our campsite! next time we'll crash in your blazin' bago!

if your wondering what to do next, click here and donate to a great cause! then click here if you love pickles!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a pause for the cause

a few good friends of mine have organized an Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser. The fundraiser is in conjunction with the Escape from Granouge MASS Series Race on May 24th and is in support of the HERA Women's Cancer Foundation. the fundraiser itself is a raffle of some very nice bike goodies and you do not have to be present at the race to win! so click on over to bikereg to buy some raffle tickets, buy some stickers and donate to a great cause.

Friday, May 09, 2008

it's like the polka, of your nightmare!

made it through another. turn it up, loosen up and have a good weekend!