Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Night Life!

Day Life!

Monday, October 22, 2007


The Dutch Eagle's survival water.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

going deep, cigarettes and pennsyltucky

Only in the deep forests of Pennsyltucky can one have a glorious fall weekend with mountain bikers toking on cancer sticks. Friday was traveling to Noxen with Wychok to pedal on Saturday with a great crew of riders. Enjoying some really real backcountry trail, too many beers, and a pre-Thanksgiving feast. Saturday proved to be a good day. With Sunday lurking in the distance, we will rendevous in the morn for a JT ride.

Well hydrated from Saturday's beers, bikes and sausage party.

This group size is more like it! With only two flats and a hazey Eagle we capitalized on the seasonal forecast.

Born and bred to rip and shred the technical Pennsyltucky terrain. Usually I like my forks like I like my women, with two legs.

A sweet overlook from a hidden gem of a trail. I think I can see where we stashed the beers for halftime.

The Dutch Eagle prepares for flight. In the latter part of the ride he would show off his full plumage for a few damsels in distress only to narrowly escape his ultimate demise!

Easy Ridin' for sure on the Tin Roof Sundae!

Until then...ride n' smile!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

new life

After a campaign to raise the bar during my summer of not working since I was in high school, my body, knees, were rendered useless. I got some much needed rest for a few weeks, missing one key race that I should have been at, before jumping back into the woods. I took the old SS out on a night jaunt with the Dutch Eagle and everyting seemed to be working fine. Another woods ride in Mountain Top two days later would prove to be a total blow to my self-esteem and almost put me back to square one with my troubles. Damn! It's fall! The best time for riding trails is here and I might be f'd! I would trade in any of the good races I had this year to ride right now. Some more time off the bike, some light road spinning, and a lot of thinking over a few weeks. I think I have an answer, gears!? I haven't owned a geared mountain bike in a few years and haven't ridden one in about five years! How do they work? Which kind do I buy? Obviously I should get the best I can for the cash I have. So I made some calls and rolled out to check out some rides. Of course I got a new bike, and it has some weird shit hangin' off it in various places, but what impressed me was that it weighed in less than a pound more than my singlespeed! Old friends come through in big ways when you really need it, and I would like to thank Jay and Mark at Sickler's for getting me back in the woods during the best time of the year. SS is not dead, just on vacation! As for what I'm riding...see ya on the trails!