Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Winter rules. Been trippin' out here on one of these thingys. I usually ride somewhere and take a hike. I have also time everyday to loosen up my fingers on one of these. I love instruments. I also rage on these. Winter training at its finest.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was stoked to find this old photo. Knobbies and singlespeeds have always been in my blood. Back in jr. high, high school and a little into college, I was a nationally ranked bmx racer. I road for some teams, traveled, and had a girl friend and a mistress. Punk fuckin' rock!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the spoils

Gearing up for the weekend, finally some snow on the way, I seal the envelope. My last car payment and I own the Blazin' Blazer. What a feeling to pay something off. On the horn with DeJesus to ride Mountain Top on Saturday. It will be the first snow ride of the year. The east coast has been missing out on the white. Readying my gear for the next day, I head off with a few friends to get some brews and gas for the next day. Yes, I said gas. I am renowned for running out of gas from time to time, especially in the middle of Michaux State Forest. Hmmm, that's odd my car did get us to the gas station, right? Needless to say my paidoff car was dead at the gas pump. Fuck! Pushed'er on out of the way and started to bang around on the starter for a bit. Whipped out the AAA card for the tow to the garage. There was nothing major wrong, just needed a few bits tightened I guess, but there is always that little whatever saying, "Yeah muther fucker! Take that!" Saturdays ride was the shit. Singletrackin' in a few inches of snow made me feel better till my car got looked at on Monday. I now have my sights on a new vehicle, or at the least the chasis of a new one. Stay freeky.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


For the past month I have been having this re-occuring dream. The dream has been progressing with each different night I dream about it. This is a compilation of a few nights. I am a science teacher and in my dream I am doing my teaching thing, but it is not at my usual facility. The school I am at resembles the high school that I graduated from. So I am teaching one day, in my dream, and an announcement projects over the speaker with the principle saying, "There is a state of emergency. It throughout the country and we must activate our lockdown procedure." I'm thinking, "Holly shit! This is crazy!" The students are the same way. I re-assure them that we will be safe where we are at and we can jam to some tunes on the computer to pass the time. With that, all of the windows get blocked out, we can not see outside. The computers get automatically shut off. Another announcment says that, "anyone who has to leave the room they are in must contact the main office for an escort." Now this shit sounds serious. I make a few calls, but nobody is answering or at least answering any questions. Another announcement, "We will distribute food to the different rooms at a decent hour for meals." Right about now, I am flipping my lid inside my head wondering what is going on. The students are doing the same, but it is out in the open and a lot to deal with. The night passes and the situation is still the same. We, the teachers and students, have now spent a night in the school. A kid gets the idea to hit up the bathroom and do some scouting out the situation. Good idea! He returns saying, "It is very weird out there. You can't see out any doors. Nobody is walking around except people I have never seen in the school before." Time passes on, maybe a day or two, and I let a kid sneek out to see what will happen. He comes back to the room with a crazy look saying, "All the doors to the outside are locked and someone tried to get out, but I don't know what happened to them." "I did hear someone say something about one of the teachers having a key to get out of the building though." I told the students that at night fall I will do some investigating myself. I snuck out of the room and into the hall. It was very weird. Weird dudes in lab coats walking around. I make my way to another classroom. Nobody. Finally, I found a room with the same type of scenenario. A teacher with students. They looked freeked! They had an idea of where this key was, but they were to afraid to do anything. I told them that it was better if we just waited this thing out. I headed back to my room. As soon as I got to the room, myself and a few students devised a plan for me to get the key. Two students would be a distraction, while I went for the key and the outside. Morning came. The two students headed out to find another teacher, so they said, to draw some attention. It worked! I made a break for it to where the key to the outside was. I've got to move fast. The key was right where the rumor said it was and the distraction worked up until now, just a little longer. I made for the doors! The key fit the lock! A voice, "Hey where are you going?" Stepping through the door my alarm clock sounded and I woke. FUCK! What happens next will have to be seen, or dreamed.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

ill truth

El Nino? Global Warming? The temperatures of this winter have been all but normal, and this weekend was the warmest yet. Riding on Saturday in a short sleeve jersey and shorts for most of the day in January is unthinkable. After watching Al Gore's flick on the scientific studies of global warming, having crazy warm temperatures in the heart of winter, one has to wonder. Is this weather the effects of el nino or is the glabal warming theory actually happening faster than anticipated. Being a science teacher the conversation topic always comes up in class discussions. With all the technological advances in our society is it really more important to be at war, and have a car that parallel parks it's self, or have a cleaner society based on lower environmental impacts? One Earth, One Love.

Monday, January 01, 2007