Sunday, August 24, 2008

freek bike's rule!

what a great weekend for a test ride! thanks for the saturday ride, it was epic! as for the people who couldn't make it, this song pretty much sums it up.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

some time to spare

"eat the rich" says the hill to hill bridge that crosses over the lehigh river in bethlehem, pa, as a critical fat tire mass decends on the salsbury trails for some singletracking and musikfesting on a wednesday eve. i have been immersed in graduate school once again with little end in site. at least not until christmas break. with work looming in the near distance, i will be and am back to the official grind of the times plodding through the field of education. time is precious, and needs to be used accordingly for the things that are important and just moving a few days ago, my place looks like i moved today. it's hard to live out of boxes and i could be doing so for a little while until my kung foo feng shui comes into a free day. the month of july and into august has been packed with some racing, some riding and a trip to the music city of Nashville for a work conference. the best part was that i got to check out a concert at the birth place of bluegrass music, the ryman auditorium.

still hitting some races this month until i can start to kick back and enjoy the fall breezes and some good ol trail riding. also, i am anticipating the arrival of a new steed that should be here in a few days. getting back to the real feel is going to be appreciated when the leaves cover up the rocks in the eastern peeyay forests. enjoy the rest of the summer, some cool breezes are on the way!