Tuesday, August 04, 2009

healing, breathing, searching

after a disheartening start to the summer, losing my job, i have been relegated to deciphering my future career options. continue on my current path of education or start something new. i am still working through this. looking forward to more positive aspects of my current situation, i was totally stoked for some racing this season, until i broke/fractured/cracked some of my ribs while cruising around the marsh creek trails one afternoon. i new i had done some damage that day, but tried to race the fair hill endurance race anyway in a somewhat compromised position. feeling good and pushing the pace i rounded a corner and twisted my bod a little funny. that was all it took to roll out to the road and search out i much needed ice pack, chair and beer, and come to the conclusion that my racing season is now on a major break if not ended for the season.

that was a few weeks back and now i am at the point where i can breathe deep without pain, and i can sleep through the night without a mandatory mid-afternoon nap to catch up on some z's. my summer has manifested into something that i had not expected, but as always, i keep a positive outlook on the future, and continue to focus on the present in order to enjoy what i love. living and experiencing the world around me. with mountian biking out of the picture for a while, i have brought some of my other hobbies to the forefront of my days: road riding, guitars and concert going. hopefully some folks have checked out some of the road loops i have mapped out on probably one of the smoothest running websites in the world, map my ride, just kidding. that website takes forever to map a ride, but it gets the job done. i have several other rides mapped. most are more than 50 miles in length and rock out on some of the best roads, climbs and descents in the region. if anyone wants hook up for a road loop, feel free to get in touch.