Monday, February 25, 2008


the best site during the dog days of winter is when some fresh snow falls from the morning sky. usually, this gives light to a day off of work and an excuse to roll out the xc skis for some winter adventure. after watching a killer lunar eclipse on wednesday night, i touched base with the dutch eagle. the eagle informed me that he has been spending some time out on the trails, negotiating packs of wild dogs, and overnighting in various rock formations throughout the coal region. amazing stuff! this weekend i got out on two skiing rounds. one was a local huff around the infamous switchback gravity railroad railtrail. perfect for xc skiing when the snow is falling in the early morning. i made it back to my car just as the clouds shifted their deposits to a wintery mix. sunday, the alarm came super early as i met up with jay and downhill dave (dhd). we rolled a little north west towards williamsport, pa, to enjoy the trails at the crystal lake ski center. at crystal lake they have about 30km of groomed/ungroomed ski trails. the vw arrived nice and early to take full advantage of the day and the bluebird skies. it was dhd's first time on xc skis so it was going to be action packed on the downhills. his name is downhill dave! we definitely took full advantage of what crystal lake had to offer, hitting the trails for what seemed to be forever. forever comes with a price, soreness! yesterday was simply a great day in the life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

beware of the quik and the dirty!

the past few weeks i have been moving around very fast. on two feet and in my brain. work, riding, breathing, classes, stretching, sleeping. things i need to do, but things that need to come first before those things. stability becoming unstable circumstances. career paths looking to be as rocky as some of the trails around here. most, if not all of my riding lately has been solo missions day and night to clear my thoughts. i was so grateful to get out this weekend and last weekend with some goodtime folks. the riding on sunday proved to be the coolest ride of the winter. hitting two ridges under blueish skies and snow pack, turned into a righteous downhill off the nose of a snow squall. no need to explain further on that one. some one asked me why i don't update my blog often. i will admit, i have been lax on the posts, but more will come soon. i am trying to upgrade this here blog a bit so stay tuned. i heard this quote today that i really liked, but the person who said it was unjust. "Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once."Julius Caesar (II, ii, 32-37)