Wednesday, November 29, 2006

from behind

I'll follow that line any day, and there's no trail in sight!

Monday, November 27, 2006

dutch treat

What a holiday weekend. Weather like this in November is something to take advantage of if you can. Being an unfettered twenty something, I decided to cruise around the PA hillsides on my singlespeeder. With my trusty sidekick, The Dutch Eagle, we logged some goods rides with some good friends. Saturday we rolled a sweet loop with Elk and on Sunday celebrated the birth of The Valtergeist and The Dutch Eagle, and the rebirth DeJesus on a ride in the beastiality capital of PA, Noxon. The riding up there is sweet and we had a good crew with a few of my old teammates from Cedar Bikes. Thanks to Frankie for hooking up such a nice loop and some beers for recovery. Afterwards we all conviened at the Ricketts Glen Hotel for some dining and dutch treats (aka stories from Dean). Until next time...rubber side down, smile side up.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Yesterday I was out riding my bike on a local rail trail when I came across a good ole friend. The afterwork hunter. This guy was decked out in the orange and real tree gear, lookin' totally legit with his rifle. He obviously took a bunch of time to suit up in his gear to head out for the kill. Anyway, I roll past him and he gives me a dirty look like, "God damn bikers chasing all the animals and ruining the trails." As I ride on I think to myself, "What a shitty hunter." This guy is hunting on a community recreation trail that is highly used not just by bikers, but by people of all kinds looking to enjoy a little time in the woods. He's not going to be able to shoot anything hunting here. Also, he was tokin' on a fat cigar as I rolled by. Last time I checked animals have a keen sense of smell and being that I smelled the cigar 100 yards before I got to him. Hmmmm. Not good hunting tactics. My roommate is a huge hunter. Gets all geared up the night before the big hunt, smeering deer piss on his clothes. He must be stressed on gear assembly because of the amount of cigarettes he smokes while getting ready. The next day heads out hoping to put some meat on the table. Not a chance when you smell like a Marlboro. I figure I live in a town with a lot of hunters, so I need to share some hunting stories. I also spend a lot of time in the woods, so it is only proper to wear my orange while going to the bar or grocery store in order to strike some conversation with the local woodsman. Remember to wear your hunter orange in and out of the woods. It might save your life. Have a great turkey day and remember the fate of the human race if the humans become the hunted. At least on the traditional meat isn't lobster!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

sicky sunday

When you work with sick people all week, it is only a matter of time before you get nailed.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

atomic wedgie warfare

It seems like it's been raining for the last week. Wait a sec, it almost has. The natives are restless and need to get the singletrack fix before it's to late. Hopefully the weekend forecast will be good for the festivities that are abound. I am hoping to get some trail in before I get freeky at this place. If anyone is interested let me know, it is a good time. Also, I hope the weather is nice for the DeJesus Benefit. Another good place to be this weekend. Hopefully I will run into some folks this weekend. Congrats to Jen and Bob on their most holiest of unions. Love, peace, hair grease and sticky bed sheets.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Due to the shatty weather on Sunday, the Benefit Jump Jam has been rescheduled for Sunday Nov. 19th.

Donations can be sent to:

Jay de Jesus Benefit Fund
C/O Strawberry Mountain Farm
P.O. Box 69R.R. 1 Box 137A
Noxen, PA 18636

Check out the lower post for info on the Jamboree!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

jump for jay!

Hey everyone, Ted here at Rancho Relaxo in Downingtown , PA. Things are progressing rapidly for this Sunday’s big bike party/benefit. We’ll be having XC rides, a killer Jump Jam, tons of food, good music, and just a killer time, all for just $20.00/person. All proceeds are going towards Jay’s medical bills, so here’s a chance for you to enjoy a great all-day riding party while helping a brother out.
We have completed many new lines since this summer, including a hip into the 360 deg. “Blender” berm, which has two exit options. High above the Blender we’ve strategically placed a tree-stand for filming. There is a new set of DEEP roller doubles out of a bowl-turn. There is also new step-up to berm to Super Roller that Jay laid out a week before getting sick. It has a lot of elevation change, and you’ll need some pump to get it. Overall, there are more than 25 doubles, rollers, and hips with lines for all abilities. Everything is buffed and ready to shred.
For the Cross Country guys, there is a 10:00am XC ride over to Marsh Creek, led by Downhill Dave and leaving right from here. It should take roughly 2 hours. Marsh Creek has some seriously fun, twisty/rooty singletrack, and it is very singlespeed friendly. The ride will return just in time for the grill to be fired up! After, we encourage you to try out some of the smaller tabletop jumps and berms if you’d like. Jay wants you to…
Please re-post this everywhere and help spread the word – it’ll be a hell of a party.
For detailed directions to the Benefit Jump @ Jam Rancho Relaxo, please email:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

service announcement

If you can bitch up a storm on a barstool, you can get your ass out and vote! Paid for by the Less Gears, More Beers Coalition.